Mariachi Toritos de San Antonio, Tejas has been in existence for over 5 years.
Members of the group have over 50 years of combined experience in
accompanying, opening shows, and recording with various artists including:
Lucha Villa, Angeles Ochoa, Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez, Joe Lopez, Little
Joe Hernandez, Ruben Ramos, La Tropa F, and Carlos Santana.

Mariachi Toritos de San Antonio, Tejas thrives on entertaining their audience
through interactive performances and serenades. The group’s Mariachi styling
includes Country, Pop Classics and Traditional Mariachi musical genres.   

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Mariachi Toritos - Top left: Ruben Liserio, Arthur Ray Flores, Lazaro Castillo, Gustavo Solis,
Carlos Rosas, and Manuel Palacio. Bottom left: David Zamarripa, and Danny Trevino.